IMPORTANT COVID UPDATES! (See our square page for details. Hours vary.  We follow all guidelines for close-contact providers to protect the health and safety of our clients and therapists!)


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WE GIVE FULL 60 OR 90 MINUTE MASSAGES! Read other salons fine print.  Your massages are 60 minutes MINUS consultation, dressing time and time for the therapist to change out the room before the next appointment.  Your "hour long massage" becomes at best 50-55 minute. Our massages start promptly at the appointment time and go for the length you've booked. 


*At Massage by Sherri Lynne Sparrow, we believe in a natural holistic approach to health and wellness beginning with massage to relax and repair the body. 

*We then have multiple ways to get free or low cost continuing massages! Ask about our packages, membership and referral programs!!

*Then we offer suggestions and products to help you to care for yourself outside of the massage studio. 

*Lastly we encourage by example, by giving back to our community:

For the past several years I have felt the need to do more than just work, ( If you read my "about me" page you will find my inspiration for this volunteerism and giving!) and I have found what I believe is a great opportunity to "pay it forward".  3 days a month, usually Mondays, all money earned from massages will be Donated 100% to charities, go-fund-me's, and other persons in need.  I encourage and hope my clients will contact me to help me reach out to those in need and spread the word on days we are contributing to those charities!

Additionally, one day a month will be free or "pay what you can" days, for those who need massage but cant afford it due to their circumstances.  I encourage you to nominate someone you know in need for massage on these days!

We're happy you've found us and look forward to serving you soon!!

 BOOK APPOINTMENT  https://squareup.com/appointments/book/dx87s8xa3g36s/sherri-lynne-sparrow-massage

NEW: We now accept all major credit cards, as well as Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, GooglePay!